Welcome to the Expresso Exhibitor Appointed Contractor certificate of insurance (COI) management system powered by CertFocus. In an effort to streamline a very paper-intensive and time consuming portion of our business GES has teamed with CertFocus to provide a web-based COI management and processing system.

This easy-to-use portal will allow quick and easy compliance with GES’ insurance requirements set forth in the Agreement and Rules and Regulations between GES and EAC. Upon creating an account and logging in EACs will be able to:

  1. Upload the certificate of insurance directly for processing.
  2. Register for additional shows that you are working on, by clicking on the shows button after registration
  3. Be notified of the status of the certificate at all times to prevent any delays during the show setup or take down.
  4. There is a $21.00 per certificate fee for this service payable by credit card only to CertFocus, this billing is a manual process, if a duplicate COI is submitted you will not be charged. Please review insurance requirements outlined in the Agreement and Rules and Regulations to assure your COI meets all mandatory requirements. If your COI does not meet the requirements, you will be charged another fee when uploading a corrected COI. Please only submit one registration. Your registration for the show, will cover all booths you are working on.

    Please Note: If you have registered prior to March 14th, 2018 you will be required to register again. If you have any questions please contact us at 877-576-2378

    To begin registration click the link below. If you already have an account with CertFocus click Login.

    Create an Account Login